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Workers, Teachers, Police and Firefighters All Say: Reject Proposal A and Keep the Comeback Going in Detroit!

Detroiters Want to Keep Building Our City Up, Urge Voters To Vote ‘No’ on Proposal A 

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DETROIT –– Today, workers, teachers, police, firefighters and residents gathered in front of the Detroit Red Wings Stadium construction site to talk about Detroit’s economic comeback and urge voters to reject the job-killing Proposal A on Nov. 8.

Workers, businesses and residents have all worked hard to turn around Detroit.  This is the so-called “Community Benefits Agreement” ordinance that would do nothing to benefit Detroit residents, neighborhoods, workers and businesses.

This proposal would create a maze of rules for businesses in Detroit and troublingly does nothing to address conflicts of interest in community benefits negotiations.  It requires businesses seeking to invest in the city to meet with a complex “committee,” but fails to define who sits on this board, how they are selected or how long the process would take.  In fact, it is so poorly defined that it would allow suburbanites near the Detroit border to serve on the committee –– giving people who don’t live in the city a voice in Detroit’s future.

“I’m proud that 15,000 Detroiters have found full-time jobs in the last three years.  We have to keep this momentum going, but Proposal A would be an economic disaster and take us in the wrong direction.  If Proposal A passes, no city in America would make it so hard to invest in and bring jobs to their community.  There’s no way businesses will want to jump through all of its confusing hoops.  They’ll just head north of 8 Mile or to other cities, where communities will welcome them with open arms.  And Detroit residents and neighborhoods will pay the price,” said Mike Jackson, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights. 

A broad coalition has formed to oppose Proposal A, including: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights; Detroit Police Officers Association; Detroit City Council Member Scott Benson; Michigan’s Laborer’s Union, Local 1191, American Federation of Teachers Michigan; the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce; Ironworkers Local 25; Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association; Unite HERE! Detroit Local 24; Roofers Local 149; Metro Detroit AFL-CIO; SEIU; Detroit Command Officers Association; Bricklayers and Allied Crafts;  International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 324; and the Detroit Firefighters Association.

With only about a month before the Nov. 8 election, the coalition is meeting with Detroit businesses and residents about Proposal A to lay out the risks of this measure passing.

“Everyone is excited about Detroit’s comeback, but our city’s future is on the line on Nov. 8.  If Proposal A passes, good jobs will be lost and neighborhoods will continue to decay.  We can’t afford to go backwards.  We need to make sure Detroit keeps working and reject Proposal A,” said Michael Aaron, Business Manager for the Michigan’s Laborer’s Union, Local 1191 in Detroit.

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“No one is more excited about Detroit’s comeback and what it means for our kids, their education and their future than teachers,” said David Hecker, President of the American Federation of Teachers––Michigan, representing educators at Detroit Public Schools Community District, Wayne State University, and Wayne County Community College District. “That’s why it is so important we keep the momentum going. But Proposal A will hurt this comeback by driving investments and jobs to the suburbs.  We can’t afford to take that chance.  That’s why the American Federation of Teachers––Michigan is urging Detroiters to vote against Proposal A on Nov. 8.”

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“Police officers are on the ground in Detroit every day keeping the city safe.  Our city has turned the corner with businesses investing here, which has created good jobs and improved public safety in neighborhoods.  We can’t stop now, which is why we oppose Proposal A.  We want a safe city where businesses want to build and people want to live,” said Mark Diaz of the Detroit Police Officers Association.   “Let’s keep Detroit moving forward by voting no on Proposal A.”

For more on the campaign against Proposal A, visit Detroitjobsfirst.com

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