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Source: KAREN BLEIER / Getty

Bookies Bar & Grille in Detroit has announced it is parting ways with co-owner Mark Jerant after a controversial firestorm stemming from racially insensitive comments he made on Facebook.

The story was first reported by Blac Magazine, as Jerant appeared to blame the victim in the shooting, posting:

“Do you mean the unarmed man who didn’t listen to police…again,” wrote Jerant, according to the screen shots. “Get ready for the liberal media frenzy of BS. Then the audio will come out, then everyone will say he didn’t listen, then after a false narrative for three months by BLM (black lives matter) and ‘rioting peaceful protests’ everyone will say ohhh I guess he was wrong, and the police where right?”

“Simple story never changes,” he added. “Listen to police who have guns pointed at you and don’t get shot. It isn’t hard.”

Since then Jerant has released a statement apologizing.

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However, the apology came to late, as Jay Lambrecht will now be the sole owner of the popular Detroit sports bar after buying Jerant out. See Lambrecht’s statement below:

Bookies opened in 2003 on Washington Boulevard in the Book Building in downtown. In 2009, Bookies built a new bar on Cass Avenue.

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