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Small Business Leaders Highlight Clinton’s New Plan to Help 856,000 Michigan Businesses


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Hillary for Michigan highlighted Hillary Clinton’s new plan for small businesses, which will support small businesses at every step, during a press call with Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence and local Michigan business owners. Clinton’s plan includes streamlining regulation, providing tax relief and simplification, boosting access to capital and expanding access to new markets.

Clinton’s plan is designed to make life easier for 856,00o small businesses in Michigan by cutting through red tape, increasing access to community financing, making it cheaper and faster for small businesses to file their taxes, and providing tax relief. Although Michigan is rebounding, the state was hit hard by the Great Recession, and small businesses still face far too many obstacles to success. As Clinton notes in her plan, new business formation in Michigan has not yet rebounded to pre-Recession levels. That’s why Hillary has prioritized job creation and small businesses in this election,  and the new plan she released today will take a number of crucial steps to help Michigan small businesses expand and grow.

“This is about one of the most important issues in this campaign, and that’s supporting our small businesses so they can expand and grow – and hire more Michigan workers. As a Member of the U.S. Small Business Committee and former mayor, I know supporting and maintaining the strength of our small businesses is critical to our economy,” said Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (MI-14), a member on the House Small Business Committee. “Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who is supporting small businesses in this election. While she’s rolling out her plan today, in contrast, Donald Trump is still focused on lobbing attacks and having a history of stiffing our small businesses with bankruptcies and walking away with his money, while small businesses and contractors are struggling to pay the bills because he chooses to use that tool more than paying and supporting our small businesses.”

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“For small businesses, it’s really important to have a streamlined tax filing process. I need to hire people every year to help me do that, and it takes a great deal of not only my budget, but also my focus. I want to be able to focus on running and growing my business, not filling out paperwork. So I was really excited to see in Secretary Clinton’s plan to streamline that process. Having a standard deduction, making it cheaper and easier to file, will really help small businesses,” said Rachel Lutz, owner of the Peacock Room and Frida in midtown Detroit.  “I was really excited to hear when Secretary Clinton spoke in Warren recently telling the story about spending time at her father’s small business as he was making fabrics and delivering stuff. It really made me feel like she truly understands what day-to-day life is like for a small company and a family-owned business, and I feel that she truly gets it.”

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“Far too many small businesses must spend too much time and money on filing regulations that were meant for much larger corporations, and are overly burdensome and often unnecessary for smaller businesses. To start, Hillary Clinton’s plan will help millions of small businesses with gross receipts under $1 million take advantage of ‘“checkbook accounting’”: making filing taxes as easy as maintaining a checkbook or printing a bank statement, and eliminating all the paperwork involved in more complex filing and recordkeeping requirements,” said Jordi Carbonell, owner of Café Con Leche in New Center Detroit. “That’s huge for myself and other small businesses in Michigan and here in Detroit. Her proposals have the interests of small businesses in mind: that’s one of many reasons I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President.”

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“One of the things that concerns me with Donald Trump’s practices is his willingness to not pay small businesses that have done work for him in the past. As a small business, one of our first projects that we did was as a subcontractor to someone else, and we experienced a situation of being almost not paid, and we had to go through quite a bit of bureaucracy and red tape to finally get our due payment for that project. And that could have crushed us; as a startup business, had we not gotten paid for that project we would have been out of business within our first six months…it would have devastated our business. That type of decision-making, that type of management, is not what we need in a President, and it’s not what we need in a leader,” said Sonya Pouncy, owner of 313 Construction, in response to a question regarding whether Trump’s past history as a businessman could help him govern.

Clinton understands that too often the deck is stacked against Michigan small businesses and it’s easier for big corporations to get a break. It shouldn’t take longer to start a business in America than it does in another country.

In contrast, Donald Trump has made a career of stiffing small businesses, refusing to pay the bill,s and would rather give large tax breaks to large corporations and the super-wealthy. Trump has exploited working people and their families all to enrich himself – from a New Jersey plate glass contractor who lost about $450,000 to a Florida kitchen equipment maker who was paid less than he was owed, to the architect in New York who was forced to dip into his son’s college savings to survive.


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