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It was last year around this time that the Detroit Police Department strived to break down the barriers of the LGBTQ community, with their first annual LGBT Community Chat.

Now, they are coming back for their 2nd annual LGBT Community Chat, which will take place August 3rd, at Palmer Park.

Detroit Police Department Deputy and LGBT liaison to the office of the chief, Dani Woods stopped by Hot 107.5 FM, to discuss it.

“We’re working to build our relationship between the Detroit Police Department and the LGBT Community.” Woods stated. “Our first job is to protect and serve the community, which means it our job to serve and protect no matter how you identify or what your race are.

“In this case, its about making sure the community knows we’re not just a lip service, that we are serious about our citizens, whether your part of LGBTQ or not.”

According to, this year’s event will include plenty of activities, including:

  • Program Assistance/Resources
  • Spreading Awareness
  • Relaxed Environment
  • Small Panel Full Of Local Community Members and Leaders
  • Q&A Session To Address Any Concerns
  • Preventive Measures Including Violence and Hate Crimes Against Members In The Community

While some people may feel that this event is not something that they want to support because they don’t support LGBTQ, Officer Woods wants those in doubt to think about something before they make a decision about attending.

“Come learn.” Woods replied. “Come learn about what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning. Some people fear what they don’t understand especially when what they don’t understand causes a dramatic change. Our thing is you don’t have to agree but we are about equality and respect.”

“You might learn something that will help you cope or deal with a family member because it’s no secret that LGBTQ is everywhere and if you don’t have a family member, you may have a friend or co-worker, so rather than run from it, try to understand it first.”

“LGBTQ is here and not going anywhere and that’s the point in breaking down the barriers, so that everybody can interact together and move forward.”

Again, the second annual LGBT Community Chat Aug. 3rd (Wednesday) at Palmer Park, located at 910 Merrill Plaisance St. in Detroit at 6pm.

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