2016 NBA Finals - Game 4

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Over the weekend former Michigan State Spartans and current Golden State Warrior star Draymond Green accidentally posted a picture of his “piece” on Snapchat.

While many people including Draymond’s teammates think of the whole incident as a joking moment now that the picture has been deleted, it seems someone wants to profit off of it.

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According to TMZ, Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch, wants a piece of Draymond, even saying he was so impressed that he’s offered him a 6-figure porn deal.

“Here’s the deal: We will give you $100k to star in a porn called ‘Drayzilla,'” Hirsch wrote.

“You call all the shots. You pick your co-stars and set up the scene however you want.”

Hirsch says he adamantly believes the tape can “really make history.”

Hirsch is the same guy behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape, not to mention he’s also worked with Chyna, Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson.

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