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During an interview with radio personality Angela Yee, Monday (December 1), Philly rapper Freeway mentioned the upcoming release of a track that would discuss where he stands on the Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel situation.

“The record is gonna let you know everything…I’ve been around through the majority of the situation. Beans is my brother, that’s my man for life, we good friends plus we Muslim,” said Free.

But, after the release of the aforementioned track which is entitled, Love Is A Battlefield, the public’s reaction was mixed, with most upset at Free attempting to remain neutral, while in a round-about way taking shots at Jay.

“I learned you when in it, you should try to get your cake up/ Half these rap n*ggas girls without the dresses and the make-up/ I was in the hood stressin’ with the woes/ While my n*gga Beans was doing a year in the wake-up/ Every day I wake up, shootin’, robbin’…and I ain’t sayin’ n*ggas left us in the hood, but we ate our little food, did the dishes, clean the plates up,” raps Freeway.

“Then, I took the Roc, posted up, made a shot/ If things ever got hot, worry not, he had the banger on him/ Yup, Philly n*ggas live the code…If I can’t get the president on the phone, I’m find, ’cause I got the evidence, the plaques at my home.”

Earlier this year in June, Freeway announced his record deal with Cash Money Records, and the start of his own label, Free Money.

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