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Detroit Federation of Teachers on High Copper and Lead Levels in 19 Detroit Schools’ Water 

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DETROIT—A statement from Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President Ivy Bailey on the elevated lead and copper levels found in the water at 19 Detroit public schools.

“All students, school employees and educators deserve to know that water in their school buildings is safe to drink. No parent should have to worry about a child being poisoned while at school from unsafe drinking water.

“While we commend the Detroit Public Schools for testing for lead and copper, we are still very concerned about the revelation that many of the schools that tested positive for lead or copper don’t have a safe water supply.

“Having potable water is an immediate concern for students, educators and school employees, and we hope that the district will work to make that a reality. Our members shouldn’t have to reach into their own pockets to buy water and hand sanitizer for students, but they are. The DFT shouldn’t have to ask the community to help supply schools with water, but we are.

“For months, we have been asking for our schools to be brought up to 21st-century standards, and now is the time to make that happen.”

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