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As we know, Slim_Danger aka Chief Keef’s baby mother was recently posting multiple pictures of rapper Waka Flocka, insinuating that they have been and still are involved with each other. She even went back and forth with his Wife, Tammy Rivera. Slim Danger posted a post on Instagram saying “look like some of those Dms were deleted…but clearly I’m a threat, Love yall”, referring to the post Tammy posted of the Dm’s between Waka and Slim_danger. Along with all this drama she has been starting, unfortunately, she isn’t done yet! Last night she posted another picture of Waka Flocka with the caption ” The fact that she don’t know it really turns me on, ssshh.” A couple hours later, Waka Flock himself finally steps into the drama to defend himself, commenting “The fact is… Your delusional and disrespectful. Watch yourself and stop f#*cking playing with me.” Surprisingly, Slim_danger STILL won’t give up, when someone comments on her picture saying that Waka wasn’t acting like he was married when he gave her his number and texted her ASAP. Slim_danger replies to this saying “You know his b*#ch took his phone.” Looks like this chick may be a professional homewrecker! Yikes!

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