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It may be the latest hole of his “Uber Everywhere” remix that put him over the edge, however even in the wake of having a transient spurt of displeasure, Travis’ DJ OG Chase B helped him take it all in step. Travis began by tweeting, ”Whoever leak that sucks. Not droppin shit for while. Cause of that.” He went on to reveal he had plans to drop FOUR new records on Thursday– but because of the leak– he would not.

“Man I don’t get why not wait for an official version it would sound way better. I was legit droppin 4 new joints thurs. but now FUCK,” he wrote. Be that as it may it appears to be after an intercession from DJ OG Chase B, Travis was in a superior disposition: “U realize what @OGCHASEB u right we gon let it rock.”

It’s indistinct if that implies we’ll be getting those four new joints all things considered. We’ll need to sit back and watch come Thursday.

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