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17-year-old, David Joseph has been identified as the naked teen who was shot and killed by an Austin police officer. According to Austin police Chief of Staff, Brian Manley, authorities were called on reports of a suspicious Black man in the area.

The officer says the teen disobeyed orders and proceeded to charge at him. The incident took place away from the cruisers dash cam, so there wasn’t clear evidence if the teen was armed or if the officer used a taser before the fatal shot.

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In an interview with KDFW, Austin’s NAACP President, Nelson Linder, suspects the shooting death to be illegal.

 “I don’t see how a young man who’s naked, and not hurting anybody, winds up being dead. When in reality, those things require constraint and understanding, as opposed to deadly force.”

Which begs the question, why do some people tend to be scared or threatened by black men and black male teens?

Watch the full video of The Morning Heat’s responses above!

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