A Brooklyn teenager has been charged with the murder of her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend.

15 year old Destiny Garcia confessed to the charges of double murder of Rosie Sanchez, 38 and her mother’s boyfriend, 40-year-old Anderson Nunez.

Police say the bodies were found at about 6:30p.m. Monday (January 4) in her Sheepshead Bay apartment. Sanchez had been shot multiple times in the chest and was found sitting in the chair, while Nunez, who was shot and stabbed, was found on the living room floor. Destiny allegedly lived with the corpses for several days, and even went to Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

While speaking with detectives, Destiny said she had been physically abused once by her mother told officers she killed them both in self-defense. Authorities were quoted as saying they don’t believe Destiny’s story and think she purchased the weapon from a 15-year-old boy.

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