LeBron James Introduces Nike Lebron 12

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Kanye West pissed some people off with his new track “Facts” as he dissed the Nike Brand for treating “employees just like slaves.” He also mentioned Nike’s new lifetime athlete LeBron James’, claiming Nike gave him “a billi’ not to run away.”

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Since then, everyone has been waiting to hear the response of James and Vlad TV,  a Twitter source said that he never “really listened to Kanye’s” track anyway.

Via Vlad TV

“Obviously I’m going to side with Nike no matter who it is,” said James. “It’s just, it’s family when you talk about Nike, and I’m always on their side no matter what the situation is.”

He also added “We don’t look upon nobody on our side, we just try to put the best athletes that we can out on the floor every night. And Phil Knight’s greatest saying is ‘always listen to the heart of the athlete listen to the words of the athlete. And that’s all it’s about, nothing else.”

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