The 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Steve Harvey just showcased exactly what not to do at a competition, especially a nationally televised one like the annual Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was excited when Harvey confidently announced that she was this year’s winner, crying tears of joy and everything. However, it was a moment of ecstasy that only lasted a few seconds. Harvey had to apologize: Vega wasn’t the Miss Universe winner, and the crown really belonged to Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach. Whether the teleprompter was wrong or not, Harvey announced the wrong name.

Vega had to take an L and the existential cruelty of seeing a once-in-a-lifetime achievement stripped from her. Harvey had to take an L and catch these Twitter jokes.

To be fair, the wrong name may have been listed on the card Steve read to make the big reveal. Whoever designed the card thought it would be a good idea to tuck “Pia Wurtzbach” in small font on the bottom right corner, which is the last place the American reading eye travels to read. Maybe Harvey was set up, but probably not.

Whatever the case, this is bad, way bad for Mr. Hightower.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO: Getty 

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