AECOM and Ghafari to Develop Two Concepts for County to Review; Pick up Costs for Designing Concepts


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DETROIT – The interim settlement agreement brokered by Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans’ Administration, and approved today by the Wayne County Commission, clears the way for engineering and design contractors to prepare two conceptual plans and cost estimates for completing the Gratiot Avenue Jail Project.

“My administration did not cause this mess with the jail, but we are going to clean it up,” said County Executive Evans. “Completing the Gratiot site may prove to be the most practical option, however with this agreement we have the flexibility to shift gears if a more viable opportunity is presented.”

AECOM Services and Ghafari Associates, parties to the original lawsuit, will develop two options – a 1,944 bed and a 1,504 bed — for the existing Gratiot Jail site. Both concepts will also include a tunnel between the jail at the Gratiot site and the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.  AECOM and Ghafari will assume the costs to develop the concept plans, preliminary inspections and evaluations of the existing structure, and construction cost estimates (not including furniture, fixtures and equipment) if the County elects to proceed with the re-designed jail. The agreement establishes a target maximum construction cost for completing the jail at $175 million. The agreement calls for the concept plans and cost estimates to be submitted to Wayne County on or before February 29, 2016.

As part of settlement agreement, Wayne County has the authority to pursue either concept plan or reject both, and if the estimated cost to finish the Gratiot site exceeds the target maximum construction cost, the County can re-file the lawsuit against AECOM and Ghafari. If the County decides to proceed with one of the concept plans, AECOM and Ghafari will have 180 days to complete the re-design work for the chosen concept plan and prepare a bidding package for construction.

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