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After making hit music for the last seven years, Drake is now expanding his horizons beyond music as he now tries his hand at tech startups.

According to reports, Drake has just become a major investor in the new startup tech app, Omni. 

Drake reportedly met the app’s founder Thomas McLeod and when Thomas told Drake he was launching Omni, Drake jumped to join. 

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If you wondering how this app will work, it will let you organize and retrieve your personal belongings from storage, item by item, without ever visiting a storage facility.

For example, if you had 150 pair of shoes, you would send them to an Omni facility nearby where they’d be professionally photographed, stored and logged. When you want a certain pair, you would see organized pics, select them, and the pair you wanted would then be delivered to your front doorstep by an Omni concierge.

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