Bobby Shmurda

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty



It’s Back to that time of the year again. Just last December Bobby Shmurda was arrested for gun and drug conspiracy charges back in late 2014. After multiple bail denials, the “Hot Ni**a” rapper may finally be set free, as early as this week (for now).

Reports TMZ:

Sources close to the case tell TMZ … Shmurda’s family has stepped forward to offer up collateral for his $2 million bond. Most notably, Bobby’s aunt has put several properties on the line to help set the rapper free. We’re told the family has been working closely with NY bondsman Ira Judelson. 

As for why Bobby’s team feels this bail package will be approved? We’re told they’ve put together a 200 page document that details the source of every single penny, and it’s essentially “bulletproof.” His camp is pushing to present its case to a judge ASAP.

Even if Bobby gets to go home, his trial is set to begin in February 2016.

If found guilty, the BK native will be facing as much as 25 years in prison.


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