Notorious B.I.G. was well known for rocking his fancy silk shirts and nice clothes, but one brand he named more than a few times became legendary in the hiphop culture for that very reason. COOGI brand is no stranger to Biggie Smalls as the rapper was very verbal about his pleasure in wearing the colorful high-end sweaters they produce, even mentioning the brand in some of his lyrics.  Well, Coogi couldn’t deny nor ignore that fact during the launch of their 2015 fall line, collaborating with One Grand Gallery for the “Ready To Die” campaign. It’s a line of the Coogi sweaters that has artwork of Biggie on it. The line debut began in Brooklyn, offering pieces exclusively in PURE Atlanta and online. Ladies Coogi has something especially for you too…

The 11th Annual Soul Train Music Awards

Source: Jim Smeal / Getty

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