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Earlier this year Ohio rapper Slim Jesus became a viral music sensation with his hit song, “Drill Time,” which caused a lot of record executives to gain interest in the young man. However, not one to sign with just anyone last month, Slim Jesus declared himself independent after revealing that a number of labels have approached him.

Now it appears that Cash Money Records and Birdman may be among those interested in possibly signing him.

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Who The Hell Is Slim Jesus?

According to Hip Hop DX, in a video uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, Slim Jesus takes part in a phone conversation with a man who is allegedly Birdman. The phone call was recorded by Slim Jesus associate, King Yella who also takes part in the conversation.

Via Hip Hop DX:

“I don’t wanna waste your time or mine…I think you special,” Birdman said during the phone conversation. “I [knew you were someone] we can fuck with. I’d like to come see you…I respect it, but I think I can change the way y’all living…Y’all fuckin’ with the biggest shit in the world, dog. I am the biggest shit in the world…I got the biggest artists in the world. We rotate that shit. Wayne, Drake, Nicki. We make that shit pop. And I got the biggest system.”

It has yet to be confirmed if Birdman was indeed on the phone call, but the great part is that you can listen and determine for yourself below:

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