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Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash 19 - Show

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One of the best parts of being a successful musical star is that you can request literally anything on your tour rider and the show promoters will do its best to deliver.

Earlier this month, we learned the demands of hip hop stars and business moguls Jay-Z and Kanye West, when their riders were revealed.

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Now, hip hop star Future’s rider demands have been revealed. Now, according to TMZ, who obtained Future’s rider from a show back in December, it seems he requests lemongrass-scented candles and four bottles of Ace of Spades, Ciroc, and Moet, among other opulent beverages.

Then on the food side of things, he requests chicken fingers, cheddar popcorn, and broccoli, as well as fresh white powdered” doughnuts.

However, the biggest reveal that came through his rider is that he apparently makes $150,000 for a 45-minute show.

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