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Finally, a car that will make even the most hardcore New Yorker get their license.

Two England-based brothers constructed an adult-sized replica of a Little Tikes toy car. It actually takes gas, has headlights, mirrors and even airbags. The pair got the idea after they realized how similar the front of the Daewoo Matiz is to the toy car. The roughly $46,000 automobile is built out of pure enjoyment and thought to be a money-maker, but has just become a rather expensive toy.

We were hoping it would be out on a regular basis, create some revenue and recoup the money used to build it,” explained Geof Bitmead. “But in real life it ended up going out four or five times in two years. So we thought we might as well sell it and if anyone’s interested in buying it that will bring back some money for us.”

The duo admits that it does get a lot of looks, but none of that translates into money. Even with no monetary gain, the Bitmead Brothers are happy about the response theyโ€™ve gotten, saying , They’re amazed to see the real thing on the road. I’ve seen people with tattoos all up their arms walking along the road just cheering at us.โ€

The result hasnโ€™t put a damper on their future plans, as the brothers plan to build an Addams Family-inspired camper van next.


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