Wallet vs. Money Clip

Source: Remy Martin / Remy Martin

The money clip vs. wallet debate has been raging for years, and both sides have taken a heated stance. We’ve broken down which is best for the following scenarios:


Properly tailored clothes fit snugly, and the bulkiness of a traditional wallet (whether bi- or trifold) will call unwanted attention to otherwise slick duds. You’re taking the time to customize your clothes to fit, why not finish the look off with the elegant simplicity of a money clip. Advantage: Money Clip


From courtside to the upper deck, a sporting event is about movement. You’re going to be jumping up and down, reacting to what’s going on and getting caught up in the drama of sport. A wallet will be a lot more obvious if it falls out of your pocket than a lighter money clip, and the added thickness will help keep it where it belongs. Advantage: Wallet


Dates are about your own personal style and the ambiance of the occasion. You need to make sure that you’re coordinating with your look and capturing the attention of your date. Advantage: It’s a draw.


If you’re dressed up and out dancing, socializing, and having a good time, a wallet is a good recommendation. Instead of a heavy leather wallet, find something that you can streamline with the essentials: ID, Money, Cards. This will allow you the extra security a wallet provides, with a bit more portability that is needed for a night out on the town. Advantage: Wallet


You want to make sure you’re looking your best to make the best impression with your colleagues as you continue on your path to success. A money clip provides that style and, since money clips are most often worn in the front pocket, you can sit much longer without hurting your back. Advantage: Money Clip


Rule of thumb: If something is acceptable for use but is used by fewer people, it has a better cool factor. The small advantages wallets have over money clips just don’t come close to making this playing field even. There is a clear-cut winner here: Advantage: Money Clip

Well, it seems that the money clip has won this round, but remember, at the end of the day, style is about personalization. Whether you’re a wallet or money clip man – or you alternate depending on occasion – real style is defined by paying attention to the details and the balance between being a connoisseur of trends and confident enough to do your own thing.


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