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African American high school or college student studying late

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Two Berkley middle school students detained after hit list uncovered

Berkley School District officials say two Anderson Middle School students were removed from class and detained by police after it was discovered they had created a hit list, targeting staff and students.

The list was found inside a notebook, given to the principal by another student last week.

Officials say the notebook also contained a plan to potentially harm the people on the list.

School officials removed the two students from class immediately and contacted police, who arrived within minutes.

Officials say that every staff member on the list has been notified, as have the parents of all the students listed ... click here for more details.

Woman says she was kidnapped and raped for three days

In Detroit, a panicked woman ran to a neighbor’s house begging the homeowner to call 911, telling her she was kidnapped and raped for days.

Police are looking into the case but investigators say her details keep changing.

Resident Barbara Sims was getting her grand kids off to school Tuesday morning when a woman ran up crying and calling for help. She needed a phone.

“If that happened to you you could have been killed,” said resident Barbara Sims, who helped the woman. “That’s what I told her.”

Neighbors didn’t know what was going on, but Barbara let her call police.

“After she was kidnapped, she was restrained,” Craig said. “She was forced ingestion of drugs, it is unknown what type at this point.  And then sexually assaulted repeated times.”

The woman, who told Barbara she was 29-years-old, said she’d been abducted but she also told Barbara she had willingly gone with the men in their car after leaving her own vehicle at Eight Mile and John R.

“They didn’t make her get into the car, she got in on her own,” Barbara said. “She said they were nice guys, she said they were black guys with braids.”

“She had a white string on her arm,” Sims said. “She said she had been tied up and raped for three days. I asked her where. She said, ‘Next street from here.'”

“Very shocking yes,” said neighbor Bill Brown. “A white woman in a black neighborhood,  very shocking.”

Detroit police say this is still very much under investigation … click here for more details.

With water shutoffs looming, what to do if you’re on the list

A new round of water shutoffs is expected to begin Tuesday in Detroit, as tens of thousands of customers are behind on their bills.

Many are delinquent by more than 60 days, or own a certain amount of money. Some have signed up for available payment plans. Alexis Wiley, spokesperson for the mayor’s office, says the payment plans are working.

Wiley says last year, before the payment plans started, 40,000 customers were due to have their water shut off. After payment plans became available, that number split in half.

If you are a delinquent customer and are on the list Tuesday’s water shutoffs, you still have options … click here for more details.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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