How would you like to earn up to $200 a month for you or your church for just 6 hours a month of your time?

Donate Plasma twice a week at Plasma Care on Grand River near Botsford Hospital and you will earn $200 a month, tax free cash! Plasma is needed around the world to make medicine to help burn victims and people with other disorders. Plasma cannot be created in the lab. It can only come from people. Your donation will not only save lives but put $200 a month in your pocket or your church’s bank account tax free.

Let’s do some math. If you and 9 of your friends all earn $200 a month, that would amount to $2,000 for your church. If you and 19 of your friends do the same thing, that is $4,000 a month. Imagine if 100 people in your congregation donated plasma twice a week each month that would generate $20,000 a month for your church!

This could be the new commercial kitchen the church needs. It could be a fully funded child and adult daycare facility. It could be the new wing your church needs for Sunday school classrooms!

Consider donating plasma today. Help others, help save lives and earn up to $200 a month for you or your church.

Learn More about Donating Plasma: Click Here

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