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Policeman walking away

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Detroit mother robbed while walking child to school

A young mother on Detroit’s west side feels like the robber knew her routine.

She believes he knew that every morning she dropped her daughter off at the bus stop and walked home with another young child.

“We walk all the time. He’s pointing at the squirrels and the trees, then someone says, ‘Excuse me,’ and I turn around and all I see is a gun,” she said.

With a gun pointed at her head, she handed the man her purse. In it were her house keys, car keys and credit cards.

“I’m trying to cooperate with him because sometimes people don’t make it out of these things,” she said. “They get what they want and they still shoot.”

She said the robber told her to get out of his neighborhood.

“I immediately grabbed my son and we ran home,” she said.

He kept the gun pointed at her until she walked in the front door.

“Until he is caught and justice is served I will never feel peace,” she said … click here for more details.

Body found in burning car after neighbors hear gunshots

Neighbors in one Detroit neighborhood heard gunshots – then saw a fire early Thursday morning.

Firefighters and police found a body inside a burning convertible, burned beyond recognition.

The victim is identified as Pili Humphrey and he was determined to have died from gunshots prior to the fire.

One neighbor said the noises sounded like a possible gunfight.

“Sounded like they might be shooting at each other,” said a neighbor who declined to be identified. “There is no telling.”

Police say the body was found inside a 2015 Camaro with out of state license plates and are investigating who or what agency it belonged to … click here for more details.

New Detroit-Canada bridge to be named Gordie Howe International Crossing

A new bridge between Detroit and Canada will honor a man special to both places: Gordie Howe.

It will be known as the Gordie Howe International Crossing in honor of the legendary Canadian hockey player who spent decades playing for the Detroit Red Wings.

Governor Rick Snyder joined Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of Howe’s family Thursday morning in Windsor to announce the official name of the new bridge between Detroit and Canada … click here for more details.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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