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Los Angeles, CA — Fresh off the heels of a hugely successful run with his Multi-City Actor’s Workshop & Talent Search in October and November of 2014, David E. Talbert is resuming his Actor’s Workshop & Talent Search and expanding it to additional cities. For those who can’t get to Hollywood, David E. Talbert is bringing Hollywood to them.

For the spring 2015 leg of his Actors Workshop & Talent Search, David E. Talbert will continue to help thousands gain insight into the entertainment industry when he makes a stop in their city. The tour resumed on April 11th inAtlanta, GA, followed by a stop in Houston, TX on last weekend, April 18th. Up next is Detroit, MI on May 2nd and New York on May 16th. There will be one session per day scheduled from 9 AM – 3 PM. The registration fee for the workshop is $250 per person. As an added bonus, everyone who attends the workshop will also receive a private one-on-one audition the next day with David E. Talbert for a chance to be cast in his next production.

“The first leg of this tour in the Fall of 2014 was met with such overwhelming response and success that I had to bring it back and give more people in more cities an opportunity to experience the workshop and get their chance at being discovered,” said Talbert. “I just wanted to answer the call to find that next big star. I also wanted to continue to give people in as many cities as I could access to Hollywood in a way they would not normally be able to experience in a very up close and personal way.”

The first person discovered from David E. Talbert’s Fall Installment of hisActor’s Workshop & Talent Search was just cast. On February 19, 2015, the red carpet was rolled out for Teresa Sykes of Chicago, IL when Talbertpersonally called her and announced that she was the first person to be cast from his Actor’s Workshop & Talent Search Tour.

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Talbert awarded Teresa Sykes with a featured role in “Another Man Will” and a starring role in the DVD version of the play that will be aired across the world. “Another Man Will” centers on Joe and Cynthia Scott. Many see them as the perfect couple…or at least twenty years ago they were. Somewhere in the routine of it all, Joe forgot just how much of a knockout Cynthia is. So, for everything Joe isn’t giving her, another man will.

Teresa will also receive an all-inclusive trip to Los Angeles, a head shot photo shoot and a chance to audition for David E. Talbert’s next film, slated for release in 2016. Teresa was chosen from hundreds of attendees from previous workshops in DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago and LA.

“Words haven’t been created to describe my feelings,” said Teresa Sykes. “This is life-changing. I’m so thankful to God and David E. Talbert and his wife and producing partner Lyn Talbert and the entire Talbert staff.  I’m beyond blessed.  My Father is 83 years old and my Mother is 81 years old and they are alive to see my dreams come true. David E. Talbert saw and believed in my God given talent. I’m just humbled by this entire experience. This would not have been possible without taking a huge step to participate in his Actor’s Workshop.”


Just like the Fall Tour, attendees from sessions in Atlanta, Houston, Detroit and New York will all be vying for a chance to also be cast for a role inTalbert’s play, “Another Man Will.” He will be choosing winners from the workshop, based on their one-on-one private auditions with him. Winners of the Talent Search will, not only appear in the LIVE production of the play, but they will also be included in the DVD filming of the production.

If you are someone who has ever considered a career in theater, film, or TV or even watched a play or a movie and said, “I could do that,” then David E. Talbert’s Actors Workshop & Talent Search was created just for you. Bringing two decades of skill and experience to the craft of acting, pioneering theater producer and respected Hollywood film director –David E. Talbertcontinues his journey to open the door to thousands of people from coast to coast for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, grow, and be discovered in the entertainment industry.

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Perfect for the professional and the beginner, David E. Talbert’s Actors Workshop & Talent Search gives attendees a chance to learn first-hand how to elevate their craft and get their foot firmly in the door of the entertainment industry. Participants receive detailed instruction on how to shape their performance and gain valuable insight into what directors really want. What makes David E. Talbert’s Actors Workshop & Talent Search really unique is the ability for participants to be able to audition with a working Hollywood director.

 “I’ve worked with so many incredibly talented actors, singers and comedians over the years in my plays and films, like Jamie Foxx, Paula Patton, Morris Chestnut, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan and Jill Scott, just to name a few, addedTalbert. Now, I just want to find and help launch the career of the next great talent. I have already found an amazing talent in Teresa to star in my next play and I can’t wait to go back on the road to look for more.”

Those interested in attending the workshop in their city should visit to receive full details on registration and location.

Space is limited and early registration is encouraged. Reserve your seats today.


About David E. Talbert

David E. Talbert began his career in the world of theater, quickly establishing himself as a highly renowned playwright. The Los Angeles Times labels Talbert, “One of the most prolific theatre makers in America” and The Washington Post “A Playwrighting and directing wunderkind.” David E. Talbert has written and directed 14 nationally acclaimed touring productions that have garnered an unprecedented 24 NAACP nominations, winning Best Playwright of the Year for THE FABRIC OF A MAN. In 2007, Talbert received the New York Literary Award for Best Playwright of the Year for LOVE IN THE NICK OF TYME and the prestigious NAACPTrailblazer Award for his groundbreaking accomplishments in theater. While Talbert continues his success as a highly respected theatre-maker, with his most recent tour being the box-office juggernaut WHAT MY HUSBAND DOESN’T KNOW starring Morris Chestnut, he has also successfully expanded his brand into the world of feature films and television. His most recent film, the Fox Searchlight romantic comedy BAGGAGE CLAIM, which Talbert adapted from his own Essence best-selling novel, starred Paula Patton, Derek Luke, Jill Scott, Adam Brody, and Djimon Hounsou. This marks the first time an African American filmmaker has adapted and directed his own novel. BAGGAGE CLAIM, released in the fall of 2013, opened as the #1 Comedy in America .

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