There might have been a reason that the Rob Kardashian called out his big sister Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

The Internet got a mean-girl giggle when posted a gruesome picture of blood-covered woman, writing, ‘This is my sister Kim, the b*tch from Gone Girl.” Not everyone likes Kim, and the criticism from Rob was a delightful little nugget for the hate. That shade didn’t exactly come from nowhere.

In a clip from the next episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim seems completely fed up with Rob’s blues. Whether he’s upset about his appearance or the fact that he is not as successful as his sisters, Kim believes that the family has been way to soft on him as of late.

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Kim snaps about everyone coddling her brother through this very difficult time. It’s been rumored that Rob is going through depression right now. Even without that speculation it’s still clear that he has clearly been going through something over the last few years.

The Kardashians have been supportive of him through this ordeal, but he doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Kris Jenner is at her wit’s end trying to help her son, but Kim thinks it’s high time that Rob get it together on his own.

“I think that now what we have to do is everyone back off. Everyone licks Rob’s a** and does whatever he says,” she said. “At some point you have to give it up! We all make his life so easy. Ok we’ll drive you around with a chauffeur so no one has to look at you. We had a chef on standby, a trainer. We’ll send people to run out and buy you socks, underwear! This is pathetic!”

She put her foot down, concluding, “We’re not going to cater to him anymore, but it has to be all of us.”


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