Police tape cordons off the crime scene

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This story is so sad and twisted. A mother has admitted to killing her 2 of her own children and putting them in the freezer for over a year. How and why could anyone do something so sick? SMH

Details below:

Police say the two children whose bodies were found inside a freezer on Detroit’s west side were killed at least a year ago.

A sheriff’s bailiff was conducting an eviction at Michelle Blair’s townhouse at the Martin Luther King Apartments Tuesday when the bodies were discovered.

Detroit Police tell FOX 2 Blair has confessed to killing her two children. DPD says, according to the confession, the 11-year-old boy has been dead since 2012 and the 14-year-old girl has been dead for at least a year.

Investigators will have a better timeline as they wait on the medical examiner, who is waiting for the bodies to thaw before conducting the autopsy. Police say the bodies were not dismembered, and were found wrapped in blankets in a standalone freezer.

Chief Craig said in the news conference the autopsies are expected to be conducted within the next day.

Police say Blair has been “very cooperative”, and is only charged with child abuse at this time. Further charges are pending while the medical examiner’s report is being completed.

Before the confession, police say numerous neighbors and family friends say Blair had told them she killed her children. It is unclear if those people knew the children were still inside the home.

Blair was not home at the time of the eviction. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says a neighbor gave police her whereabouts, and they were able to detain Blair for further investigation.

Police say Blair said she caught her children sexually abusing another sibling. Blair has two other children, who have been placed in protective custody.

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