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Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) perched

Source: Tom Brakefield / Getty

Highest recorded bird flight from man-made structure filmed on mini camera in effort to draw attention to eagle conservation.

Darshan the Eagle has set a new world record in a breathtaking mini-camera video that shows highest recorded bird flight from the tallest building in the world – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – in an effort to bring awareness to eagle conservation.

The camera strapped on Darshan shows off the entire flight from a bird’s eye view, capturing stunning Dubai’s architectural landscape.

The bird of prey began its flight from the top of the 829.8-meter (2,722-foot) Burj Khalifa. After circling around, Darshan suddenly began to free-fall all the way to the ground, eventually landing on his trainer’s arm.

People watching the flight cheered, as they filmed the record-breaking event.

“Darshan is a male Imperial Eagle with a wingspan of two metres,” the bird’s trainer and founder of Freedom Conservation, Jazques-Olivier Travers, told Gulf News. “He is a very powerful bird, which is necessary as he is donning a 300g camera on his back.”


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