Nick Gordon

Tiffany Rose


This guy Nick Gordon is becoming quite the drama queen. So after deciding to plead the fifth and not talk to the authorities about what happened to Bobbi Kris, he instead chose to tell his story to the media through Dr. Phil. *side eye* Oh and now he’s in rehab.  Clearly this is an attempt at getting sympathy from the public before the truth comes out about his involvement with the Bobbi Kris incident. But I digress.

TMZ reports:

Nick Gordon checked into rehab for drugs after ranting he might kill himself during a taped appearance with Dr. Phil.

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend sat down with Dr. Phil in Atlanta earlier this week for what he thought would be an interview — but we’re told it was more like an intervention organized by Phil and Gordon’s mother.

During the taping, Gordon talked about committing suicide if Bobbi Kristina didn’t pull out of the coma. We’re told Gordon’s mother complained her son was severely depressed and abusing drugs.

It’s unclear where Gordon is getting treatment and for how long.

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