Another senseless act of violence. SMH so sad.

A member of Nicki Minaj‘s team was stabbed to death Tuesday night in Philadelphia … so says Nicki herself.

Nicki says 2 members of her crew were stabbed … one lived. The rapper says the guys were in Philly for 2 days rehearsing for her upcoming tour with her bf Meek Mill … who’s from Philly.

The person who died was De’Von Pickett … a stage hand for Nicki. Eric Parker survived the incident, but is in critical condition in a hospital.

Nicki has retweeted a link to a news story about a stabbing that occurred at the Che Bar & Grill in Philly where an employee who was recently fired got in a fight that spilled outside the establishment where the stabbings occurred. The suspect fled.

via: TMZ


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