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risicupzWanna be makeup artists, videos of niggas acting like ratchet bitches, and cheap ass boutique clothing!
torryk1980The same clothing items on everyone boutique.
ibeendiorRegular civilians with booking info in their bio
ibeendiorPregnant girls saying that they are single…. Umm no you not look at yo belly
drdetroitradio😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @ibeendior
suckafreetipNiggas flaunting they fake relationships on the gran! Niggas have been with they girl 15 years & never post a pic but now that showing off yo relationship is trending everybody wanna do it! Mean while both parties still backdooring & cheating on one another come on people STOP IT! SOME OF US KNOW THE REAL YALL #SALUTE @Drdetroitradio 4 this topic
famousx.ariellFake accounts, ghosts, negativity
_faithycakesBare arses!
greaterdebatorMood: Barely: Men wearing wigs as jokes for likes
alleyprettyroseNegativity, celebrity obsession, people using social media as a diary.
valleygirl_bFlat asses, un-fleeked brows and edges, and incorrect spelling for captions. (Even though that 4 lol)
ablkgrlHalf naked girls. Party flyers. s4s.
hussle365Ratchets, Rappers, Really ugly fat chics being told they’re sexy..
seniorlife1Foggy ass looking pix with filters added to them@jermme
_bitch_u_beenafan_Lean, flyers , shout outs

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