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Chris Hutt, owner of The Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck

“My plan is to make a fowling franchise,” he says. “We can’t patent the actual game, but we have copyrighted the rules.”

There are other signs that fowling has arrived. “Recently a friend e-mailed me a link to a Craigslist ad that showed someone selling bowling pins as fowling pins,” Hutt remembers. “He was all upset and wanted me to be, too. For me, it was fantastic, just more proof that fowling really is catching on.”

Fowling Warehouse

5 p.m.-2 a.m. Mon.-Thu., noon-2 a.m. Fri.-Sun.

3901 Christopher St.




$10 per person

The rules of the game

Object: To knock down all 10 of your opponents’ pins before they knock down yours.

Setup: Ten bowling pins are arranged in the traditional bowling triangle on raised wooden platforms, also called lanes. A regulation-size football is used to knock down pins. Two teams (either one or two players each) stand behind the platforms. A coin flip decides which side throws first.


Each side takes turns throwing at the pins from any space behind the back of the wooden platform (men) or behind the front of the platform (women and kids).

Any pin knocked down on the board must be removed and placed behind the board.

Players can catch the ball once it passes the board or catch it as it rebounds in any space behind the board. If the ball leaves the field of play but then returns, it is considered live and must be left alone and can knock down pins.

If errant balls from other lanes knock down pins, those are considered valid points.

If the team that threw first gets the final pin down, the other team has one more chance to throw and tie the game. This tie results in sudden death in which the thrower must hit a pin placed on any dot of the opponent’s platform. A coin toss again chooses which side throws first.

In between games, players reset their pins and trade sides. The usual greeting as teams pass is “Good fowl.”

Bonk! If on the first throw any player hits the center pin (No. 5) without hitting down any others, this is called a “bonk.” That team wins and the freighter fog horn sounds


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