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IBGM’s own Oba Rowland dropped promo visuals for “LifeStyle” shot by Jerry Production. After speaking with Oba Rowland, he confirmed the full video will drop upon the launch of his new website, ObaMeansKing.com.

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Check out the lyrics to LifeStyle and the full track below:


I got diamonds in my Carties
You get money hardly
…My girl look like a Barbie
My funeral gone be a party

Bet u love to live this lifestyle
Bet u love to live this lifestyle
Bet u love to live this lifestyle
Fuck how you feel, this my life now


On the west I feel Like Icewood…
Niggas say I look Like wipeout…
When we Pull the whips and that Ice out…
Have niggas scared to bring they wife out…

Use to wear Tims, slangin Tebows
I shoulda stayed in school nigga
Ain’t no friends or no Cee-Los
Sangin to the blues niggas

Choppa look like it got pregnant
And had a baby choppa
Call yo girl yo baby, but I hit her mama, guess I hit yo baby mama

Imma buy my mama
a Mercedes
Yall gone be like
That’s Mercedes mama….

I know haters gone be like
How the fuck he make it
Out the same city
That I’m in

Detroit Vs Everybody
The only thing that I’m in…

young nigga throwing
His hood up like volment

Never seen the bottom, but
We just now getting started

Chorus 1x

Verse II:

Was on my knuckles for a year
I wore the same clothes
No homo but I Used
To pray it rain bows

IBGM the
new Death Row
Murk a nigga
over Dej Loaf

Get up out yo feelings
Bitch and meditate
Some of my uncles
look like Eddie Cain

Daddy thought I was the
Dope man like Jesse James
Newbie doing life
We don’t play dem petty games

All a nigga see is more
money in my future
My bitch rocking so much ice
think she Cristi Yamagucci

Fuck the rumors that you hearing
I’m that nigga in my city
my bitch ain’t got no titties
but her ass can feed a Village

she was wit a nigga
Caught my chains in the corner  battling some jittin niggas

Still the same nigga brought up
On 7 and Livey nigga
What’s the fame, if u can’t share it
Wit yo niggas nigga!

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