Millenials friend Christmas

The holiday shopping time is upon us! This Cyber Monday let’s take a look at the group that is leading the way in shopping trends, and shaping how retailers promote themselves, and cater to their target audience. This article from the Detroit Free Press talks about how the Millennial generation (persons age 14 – 30) are much more selective in the way they buy.

The main reason that shopping has changed is technology. Gone are the days of the one-stop-shop; it’s all about price comparison apps, Groupons & and other discount coupons, mobile shopping, and beating the buzzer with instant access to deals. Retailers are having to diversify they way they keep track of, and sell, merchandise because Millennials research, wait until they find the best price, and are much more specific about what they want, than previous generations.

Read the Detroit Free Press Article here

Source: Detroit Free Press

It’s time to reach Millennials! “How?”, you say?

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