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The Morning Heat: Wednesday’s Trending Topics

Annual North American Auto Show Held In Detroit

Jayru Campbell sentenced to 7 months in jail

Former Cass Tech football star Jayru Campbell was sentenced Tuesday to seven months in jail for violating his probation. Campbell will also face 18 more months of probation and have to undergo counseling during that time. The 17-year-old had pleaded guilty to the probation violation last week.

Campbell remains in jail awaiting a Nov. 7 pretrial hearing on a domestic violence charge from the Sept. 12 incident.

Gas station clerk killed in Detroit

It was a customer who found Mohamed Zokari dead on the floor of the Clark Gas station where he’s worked as a clerk for about two years. Zokari, who is married with a son and another child on the way, began work at 6:00 am Tuesday at the gas station located on 7 Mile Road at Schoenherr Road.

The customer arrived about an hour later and found Zokari had been shot to death. Detroit Police say they discovered shell casings from two weapons at the scene. Zokari had a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but it appears whoever killed him also stole his gun. Detroit Police say nothing was stolen from the store and they are trying to determine if this was the result of a botched robbery or if Zokari had been targeted for murder.

Rick Snyder reelected to second term as Michigan Governor

Gov. Rick Snyder is projected to win a second term as Michigan’s governor, according to Fox News. Snyder had 831,156 to Mark Schauer’s 686,396 votes with 49 percent of precincts reporting, shortly before 11 p.m. The election was the culmination of a nationally watched, tight race in which the candidates delivered opposing views of the state’s economic recovery. They also sparred over a tax overhaul, education funding, Detroit’s bankruptcy and other issues.

Schauer attempted to become the first Michigan candidate to unseat an incumbent governor since 1990. The Republican who downplays party ideology campaigned by touting an economic and fiscal recovery and promising to keep the state on the right path. He also highlighted work to address Detroit’s financial crisis and increased spending on education. Snyder’s victory makes him the sixth straight Michigan governor to be re-elected at least once. The “tough nerd” was a venture capitalist and former corporate executive before winning the governorship in 2010. Schauer had attacked Snyder’s decisions to slash business taxes and eliminate breaks for individuals, and said schools are underfunded. He said Snyder’s approval of a right-to-work law and a ban on benefits for same-sex partners of government workers showed he’s no centrist Republican.

Gary Peters beats Terri Lynn Land in U.S. Senate race

The race for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by longtime Senator Carl Levin will stay with the Democrats as Gary Peters has been projected the winner of the seat. FOX News and the Associated Press both projected Peters to beat Republican challenger Terri Lynn Land around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday. It’s just one hour after polls were closed and when Peters was leading with 54% of the vote.

The win Tuesday for Peters, who led Land in nearly all polls for months, prevented Republicans from capturing their first Senate seat in the state in two decades. Republicans had originally hoped Michigan could be part of their effort to take control of the chamber. The race spurred heavy out-of-state contributions — for which each side criticized the other. Still, the GOP focused advertising on other, closer races during the final weeks.

Peters has said his top issue is the economy, including guaranteeing “access to affordable, quality health care” and the ability to “retire with dignity” with Social Security and Medicare. Senator Carl Levin announced in 2013 that his sixth term would be his last and he would not seek reelection for the seat that he’s held for 36 years. In the past 18 months or so, it’s come down to five nominees with a Democrat getting the edge, according to Mitchell Research & Communications. Peters had a lead of about 12 percent over Lynn Land. The poll showed Peters with 52 percent of the vote while Land had about 40. Libertarian Jim Fulner had 2 percent, U.S. Tax Payers Richard Matkin 1 percent and Green Party Chris Wahmhoff, 1 percent.

Republicans Rule House and Senate for First Time in 8 Years

The GOP netted at least seven Senate contests, more than the six needed to win control of the U.S. Senate;

The party captured three of the four Senate contests taking place in presidential battleground states – Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina – and almost won another in prized Virginia;

It ran up the score in the extremely competitive gubernatorial contests, winning in Florida, Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin;

And it even won a race it had absolutely no business winning: the gubernatorial contest in deep-blue Maryland.

What’s more, most of these GOP victories happened before midnight ET, when many believed that the battle for the Senate wouldn’t be decided until possible runoffs in December and January.

The GOP successes don’t stop there. The Republican Party is set up to pick up double-digit House seats, increasing their majority in that chamber to its largest margin since the 1940s, if not the 1920s. And it’s poised to make additional gains in state legislatures across the country.

In fact, maybe don’t call it wave; call it a political typhoon.

Strikingly, it came as many – including NBC News – didn’t see the 2014 midterms approaching as a wave, at least compared with the one from 2010, when Republicans picked up 63 House seats and six Senate seats.

Yes, it was shaping up to be a pro-Republican year, all the polling data found. But we dismissed it as a probable product of the Republican-leaning map. Or the typical “Six-Year Itch” a re-elected president suffers in his final midterm election. Or an electorate that was angry at all incumbents, Democrats and Republicans included.

But what took place on Election Night was something else – a wave that crashed directly down on Democrats and the Obama White House.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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