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We know Beyonce is good for dropping an album out of no where so at this point it isn’t to far fetched to believe that she may be planning on taking the world by storm a second time and releasing a new album.

via BlackMediaScoop:

Less than a year after Beyoncé threw her self-titled album onto the internet as a surprise one December morning, there’s a big rumor about a sequel. According to a screenshot of a “Release Confirmation” from Columbia Records and Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, Beyoncé: Volume 2 will hit the internet on Nov. 14.

The pic below says the album’s 11 tracks will include cameos by Nicki Minaj (on both the “Flawless” remix and a presumably bootylicious track called “DONK”), Rihanna (on “Cherry,” which might be the rumored remix to “Blow”), and Justin Timberlake.

Funny that JT would be featured, since, if this news is true, Yoncé is set to pull a Timberlake by releasing a two-part album in less than a year. Beyoncé: The Complete Edition will reportedly go on sale along with Volume 2 on Nov. 14, with a four-disc physical edition hitting stores on Nov. 25. (That’s one place where the news gets fishy: the screenshot has Nov. 25 as a Monday, when in reality it’s a Tuesday.) Said to appear the other discs: 28 music videos, a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour collection, and HBO’s On the Run Tour concert film. Here’s the image making its way around…

Beyonce secret album?

Is it true?


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