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Not too long ago Dej Loaf was questioning “Where The Love At” on the release of the IBGM Compilation. Search no more as the love of Dej Loaf has been solidified.

Last week we reported Dej Loaf may have signed to Columbia Records after they appeared to be servicing the “Try Me” record. After reaching out to the camp and the label, neither confirmed or denied as of Friday evening.

Early this morning, assuming when the ink dried, it is now official: Dej Loaf is signed to Columbia Records! Much love to our friends at The Fader for the official word!


“Whether she’s game for it or not, the 23-year-old from East Detroit must now answer to the artists, A&Rs, and agents clamoring to lay claim to her rise. Columbia has signed her to a major-label deal, but that’s only the beginning. Her aforementioned breakout, “Try Me,” a shimmering yet grimy street anthem where her baby-soft melodies make familicide sound romantic, has racked up millions of plays, coast-to-coast airplay, and countless cosigns, from the likes of Drake and Wiz Khalifa. “I hear it all the time,” she says. “‘It’s your voice, it’s your voice.’ It’s just a melodic thing I do with it. I don’t want to sound like other people.” She describes herself as shy and, despite preferring jeans and Jordans to a maxi dress, hates being labeled a tomboy. Still, when the video for “Try Me” debuted, her social accounts were flooded with female adorers. One commenter confessed, “I’ve never thought about being with a girl until I saw you.” “Girls like me; I don’t like girls,” READ MORE.

With that said I must send a congrats to the management team behind Dej Loaf: Detroit Charlie, SayItAintTone and Joy!

Outside of this being dope for Dej Loaf, the IBGM team and the city of Detroit, this is another win for HOT 107.5 as DJBJ was the first to spin “Try Me” in the country. Dej Loaf’s manager said it best:

dej loaf djbj

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