Music mogul Jermaine “JD” Dupri has gone on a public tear this week over his longtime R&B crew Jagged Edge being forced to leave a nightclub Tuesday (September 30) evening.

The renowned producer jumped onto social media to blast Atlanta’s Gold Room.

”So I got all dressed up,brought all my people out @howuseeit @roycerizzy @dondrianicole @ateam628 @bryan_m_cox @reallilscrappy and security at the GoldRoom told jagged edge they had to leave if they didn’t take they hats off,” JD captioned to a photo from the night September 30. (JD’s Instagram)

JD also claimed police came to the scene and ended things early due to Jagged Edge.

”then they had the police come and put my peoples out and f*cked up the whole night,as far as I’m concerned that’s the most disrespectful sh*t you can do @agentertainment to people that put on for the city” (JD’s Instagram)

The nightclub host explained why they closed the door on a few JE members.

Gold Room host Kenny Burns tells TMZ … the R&B duo showed up under-dressed — hoodies and caps — for the exclusive event. Owner Alex Gidewon tried to compromise — since it was Jermaine’s party … agreeing to let the guys in IF they lost the hats. We’re told when Jagged Edge refused, they got the boot — which pissed off Jermaine BIG time … and all 3 guys started cussing out security. Eventually they all got the heave ho. (TMZ)

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