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French and Khloe are supposedly on a break and for a minute and the world has probably been wondering how Miss Trina has been feeling about the whole thing.

Before hooking up with one of the Kardashians, French and Trina were living together in New Jersey, seems like his new relationship probably came as a surprise. The Diamond Princess has finally spoken and TMZ reports that she’s holding nothing back.

“Rapper Trina is on the attack … BLASTING her ex French Montana and Khloe Kardashian for screwing behind her back — and TMZ obtained a snippet of her new anger filled track about the affair.

Trina never mentions either French or Khloe by name in the new song called “F*** Love” … but sources close to the rapper tell us their tryst last year was definitely the track’s inspiration.

Trina doesn’t pull punches … insinuating French tried to play her for a fool — and referring to Khloe with the line, “You can keep that bitch!”

As we previously reported … Trina and French were living together in New Jersey when Khloe came on the scene. Sources close to the couple said Trina was devastated by the break-up.”

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