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50 Cent recently provided a tour of his gun range during a session on Hang With.

“This is the westside of the house,” 50 Cent says. “I’m getting ready to do this house over. I was gonna sell it, but I took it off the market. I was like, ‘Fuck this. I’ma keep this shit.’ I got another joint in L.A., a spot in Atlanta, a couple little spots. This is the biggest one. Not the flyest one. It’s the biggest one.”

In the clip, 50 Cent also walks into the range and shares that his “security people” use the range.

“You think I won’t do it, I will,” he says in the clip. “I ain’t gon’ miss. A nigga try me, boy.”

50 also shows where bullets have hit the walls in the range. “Niggas hit the side of the thing,” he says. “You talk all that shit and you ain’t hittin’ your target?”

For more from the tour, view the clip below.

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