Cassidy and Dizaster participated in a press conference in Los Angeles yesterday (September 4) to hype their forthcoming Fresh Coast/FilmOn “Ether” battle, according to a story on

Dizaster appeared on stage at the press conference for the event, which is scheduled for Los Angeles in December, while Cassidy appeared as a hologram.

Fresh Coast’s Lush One introduced each rapper and Dizaster delivered a rap.

Cassidy then declined to rap.

“From that shit that Dizaster just spit, I don’t wanna show him up already…” Cassidy said. “You can’t be serious saying I don’t got bars. I gave you bars for over a decade. Constant bars. Nothing but bars. That shit niggas did freestyling off the top, that shit ain’t nothing to me. But they ain’t pay me to go on interviews and start going back-and-forth. They paying me to step in the ring. So when I step in the ring y’all going to hear them fuckin’ bars.”

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