Detroit Lions Training CampThe historic rivalry between Notre Dame and Michigan dates back over 120 years. Since the legendary game was created, the rivalry between the two teams has only gotten better, because year after year, we have continue to see more exciting games, more standout players and more feuding coaches, who are looking to gain a standout win early in the season.

While many college football fans thought we would never see the day when this rivalry would end, the day has finally come that we will see the great traditional rivalry of Notre Dame and Michigan come to an end. Since, Michigan and Notre Dame will play the final game in the rivalry’s current series on Saturday night at Notre Dame Stadium, ironically, where their rivalry began in 1887.

Although, there are some fans who could care less about the rivalry, there are plenty of fans, coaches, players and former alumni, who do care about this great historic rivalry, including former Notre Dame standout and current Detroit Lion, Golden Tate, who “strongly disagrees” with ending the Michigan vs Notre Dame rivalry game.

“I strongly disagree with them getting rid of this game,” Tate said before practice today in Allen Park. “I think for the longest time, Notre Dame-Michigan has been a staple of college football. The fact that they are getting rid of it…for whatever reason, I strongly disagree. I wish they would reconsider.”

“It’s one of the top five rivalries you think about.I don’t care if you’re in Wisconsin or in Florida, what are some of the best matchups? Michigan/Notre Dame is always going to be one. I’m not too happy to see it leave, but hopefully, we get the last win.”

It’s clear to see why Tate is so passionate about this rivalry and about Notre Dame as a whole. During his three years with the Irish, Golden caught 157 receptions for 2,707 yards to go along with 26 touchdowns and three rushing touchdown. In 2009, he hauled in 93 receptions to go along with 17 total touchdowns, which led to Golden being recognized in a  number of ways, including being named a unanimous All-American and also being presented with the Fred Biltenikoff Award, which is given out to America’s top college football wide receiver every year.

“I had fun at Notre Dame.” Tate said. “At Notre Dame, we had a target on our back, everyone wanted to beat us. Everyone had us circled on their schedule as the team to beat. We tried to bring our best every game, but that didn’t really happen a lot.”

Even though, the target on the back of Notre Dame will probably never go away just like the target on Michigan’s back will probably never go away. On Saturday, we will see Michigan and Notre Dame play one last time, as they call it quits, for now.

However, unlike Tate, I’m sure there are plenty of Michigan fans, who are more in favor of Michigan winning this game, instead of Notre Dame. I guess we will have to wait until Saturday to find out, who will be victorious.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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