If you are experiencing flooding in your area here are some tips on how to stay safe until water levels recede:


  • The Oakland County Health Department issued an alert early Tuesday morning warning families not to expose children to floodwaters. It could contain hazardous waste or raw sewerage. Water could also be deeper than it appears, posing a drowning risk for young children.


  • The Oakland County Health Department encourages anyone in a flooded area to have their private well tested before drinking, cooking or bathing in well water.


  • If your home is flooded, turn off your gas and electricity. Appliances can be damaged by water. Gases can build up, so be sure to open windows to allow for proper ventilation.


  • Federal emergency website, recommends immediate removal of any leaky items that have been wet for more than 48 hours. This includes carpet, padding, wallpaper and ceiling tiles.

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