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We’ve talked a lot about geo-targeting recently.

Why? It’s important to catch up with your potential customers as they’re out and about. A  significant chunk of your business’s target market may not even own computers; they’re smart phone-only people. You have to capture them – and the more the better. With the help of Radio One, you can push a message out to user’s phones while they’re using their phone at events, using mobile ad networks.

If you launching a geo-targeted campaign, you’re able to specify where, when and how many people you want to see your ad. Say you have a restaurant right down from Comerica Park; or a sports memorabilia shop near Joe Louis Arena. Kids play place near a school? Geo-target the school during football games, or on parent-teacher conference day. You can create a campaign that targets events while they’re going on, at these places!  Your business can even participate in the event hashtag and show up in search results, to further connect to the event audience. You can have thousands of people see your ad at one time, and give them different messages based on how far away they are. Thank you GPS! Connect to your audience when they’re having fun, and most importantly, doing something that is relevant to your business.


Get you ad into the the mobile hands of the masses!

For more information about mobile geo-targeting and other digital promotion contact Radio One Detroit Digital Manager Clinton Lechich using the information below.

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