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Three barns are blocking Detroit on the Grosse Pointe Park border, where the two cities meet at the corners of Kercheval and Alter Road.

A Farmers Market has been set up on the stretch of Kercheval, but some are finding an issue with the structures blocking off Detroit traffic; no way in Grosse Pointe Park from the border and no way out.

Last night, both Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park residents attended the Park’s City Council Meeting to address their views on the topic.

Some GPP residents say they are just as offended by the barricade as Detroiters, saying that the city is sending the wrong message.

Activists from Detroit are ready to rally and are also calling for citizens to refrain from spending money in Grosse Pointe Park and boycott the Farmers Market.

GPP City Manager Dale Krajniak says the perception was not intentional and the barns are temporary.

The Farmers Market is open on Saturdays until December. As for now, there is no word on whether, or when the blockage will be removed.

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