consumer spending

There are two indications of positive consumer confidence.

First off, the National Retail Federation provides research that Back-to-School spending will increase this year; the rise is attributable to a growing appetite for electronics.  Second, a Harris poll summarized in today’s Research Brief explains that consumers have a less restrained outlook on spending, and are loosening their purse strings in several product categories.

Many business categories are enjoying a period of growing revenue and confidence.  It’s a smart time to be marketing your business.

Utilizing radio and digital media solutions can take your brand exposure and consumer engagement to an entirely different level of success.

If one can maintain market share while that market is growing, good things happen!

Whether the category is Back to School, automotive, home improvement, or others… there are a lot of reports that indicate really positive consumer sentiment and that spending is on the rise. Are you seeing that in your business?  And are you maintaining market share as those spending increases occur?

Source: National Retail Federation, Media Post

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