Now this is some MESS!! The reunion for Love and Hip Hop ATL stated taping last night and well you just have to read below to see all the ALLEGED ratchet-ness that went down.

via:MediaTakeOut’s spies were in the building yesterday for the FIRST installment of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion. And it was CUH-RAZY!! This post contains LOTS of spoilers, so STOP reading if you don’t want to know what happens – this post is 100% FACTS!!

First off, everyone was EXTRA TURN’T Up at the show. We’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone was there ready to GET IT POPPIN. Especially JOSELINE, who appeared to be HIGH OFF COCAINE from the time she got there, until the time she left.

There was plenty of ARGUING amongst the cast members, but things really got CRAZY when Joseline started arguing – first with TAMMY. The two ladies were going back and forth, when all of a sudden Joseline RAISED UP and tried to GRAB Tammy. Waka’s mother Deb Antny was there and the two ladies BEAT JOSELINE’S AZZ – and RIPPED OFF HER WIG.

The producers STOPPED TAPING to get order, and during that break Joseline went in the bathroom – and how can we say this lightly – POWDERED HER NOSE.

When they returned to filming JOSELINE turned her AGGRESSION towards Benzino’s fiance ALTHEA. But Althea wasn’t having it. We’re told that Joseline ran up in her face and got PUNCHED DEAD IN HER EYE. Joseline went down in the fetal position, holding her eye – and yelling “OWWW, I’m blind.” Producers STOPPED TAPING AGAIN and administered AID to Joseline black eye. But Josleine refused to be taken to the hospital. Expect photos of her with a F*CKED UP EYE to hit the web any minute now.

Police were called to the set and filming was stopped for some time, but it then RESUMED.

Despite getting her AZZ BEAT TWICE Joseline was still on stage trying to FIGHT FOLK – this time she turned her RAGE towards MiMi. We’re told that Joseline RAN UP ON MIMI and knocked her down. But as the two ladies were STRUGGLING on the ground – STEVIE J got into it and held down MiMi. We’re told that while Stevie was HOLDING DOWN MiMi – Joseline gave her a GROUND AND POUND and knocked her UNCONSCIOUS. We’re talking SLEEP . . . ZZZZZZ.

An ambulance was called to the scene and MiMi was RUSHED to the hospital. We’re told she’s in STABLE condition.

Oh, and they ain’t FINISHED taping the show yet either. The taping will CONTINUE today!!! Trust when we tell you there will NEVER be a reunion show like this – EVER!!!

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