12-year-old Charlie Bothuell

Detroit Police were reportedly relieved to find missing 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell alive. The child was found Wednesday contained in the basement of the home he shared with his father and stepmother. His family said he was last seen at home on June 14.

Chief James Craig announced the discovery, when moments later the victim’s father pulled up to the residence and was met by a sword of microphones and cameras, as media outlets began to question him.

cheif craig

Detroit Police Chief James Craig announces Charlie Bothuell’s discovery

The father, Charlie Bothuell IV, pleaded and cried, saying he had no idea that his son was in the home. According to reports, the boy’s father was returning from an interview with CNN Host Nancy Grace.

nancy grace

Charlie Bothuell, IV found out about his son being found on CNN’s Nancy Grace

Chief Craig said the child was nervous, yet excited to see the police. The Chief also said investigators searched the home with a cadaver dog and found nothing. Chief Craig said officials searched the family’s home a total of four times.

The discovery was made after a detective heard a strange noise, although Charlie did not alert officers of his presence. According to authorities, the victim said he was hungry, but food was found by the area where he was contained. The boy is in medical care. Chief Craig said he finds some of the case details to be odd, but is happy that young Charlie is alive and well.

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