picture source: local12news

General Motors is recalling 3.4 million vehicles due to an ignition switch default. The auto company says heavy keys can cause the car to switch out the run position and shut the engine off, while in motion.

Meta Mallett- Kern worked for the automotive giant for over 30 years and says she is highly disappointed. “I just got a brand new Cadillac, 2014, and it’s already being recalled,” said the GM retiree. Among the cars being recalled are as follows:

Buick Lacrosse MY 2005-2009

Chevrolet Impala MY 2006-2014

Cadillac Deville MY 2000–2005

Cadillac DTS MY 2004–2011

Buick Lucerne MY 2006–2011

Buick Regal LS & GS MY 2004–2005

Chevy Monte Carlo MY 2006–2008

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