Welp we knew it was a matter of time before we heard K. Michelle’s take on this Mimi and Nikko sex tape.

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During August Alsina’s album release party show at SOB’s for “Testimony,” he brought out singer/ Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle to the stage and she had a few MORE words about Mimi’s wild shower rod porno! 

I’m in the music industry and y’all got to see how it was really f–ked up for me, right? And New York has really held me down. This has been my home. The stations, everybody. The thing is, we don’t get a lot of people in the music industry. So, what I need y’all to do is make sure and go get August’s album. A lot of the n—as that y’all wanna f–k, they in my phone and you don’t wanna f–k them if you knew how lame they was. Okay? This one right here, he is the future. He is what it is. So we have to support the music, that’s real.

[Other R&B dudes] ain’t the n—as. I’m telling you. They are not about that life. [These] n—as like each other. No lie. No Mimi and Nikko. No lie. *laughs* I’mma let [August] kill it. You make music for our people. You make real s–t. I’m so proud of him. Support this brotha, okay? Tell your friends. Buy two, three, four mothaf–kin’ copies. Don’t let these fake a– n—as keep getting these album sales!”

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